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Are eCigs Really Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes?

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Find Out If e-Cigarettes Are Really Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes

The healthiness of e-cigarettes has often been a topic of great debate. They first grew to prominence as an alternative to regular cigarette usage, with many people using them as a means of dashing their nicotine addictions. In recent times however, buy ecigarette australia says that there has been a much wide spread advent of casual eCig usage. As such, many studies have been conducted in hopes of nailing down just how healthy the practice really is.

According to a new study published by Cancer Research UK in early 2017, the results actually show promise. There were several different groups involved in the study. One used combustible cigarettes, another was made up of former cigarette smokers that smoke eCigs now, the third was comprised of ex-smokers currently going through nicotine replacement therapy, and there was also a group that smoked cigarettes and e-cigarettes alike. Interestingly, the research showed that the participants that only used e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy had a lower amount of carcinogens present in their saliva and urine.

On the other hand, the same results showed that the levels of NNAL (which is a chemical commonly linked to cancer) were markedly high in the participants that were continuous smokers. Among former smokers that are currently vaping, the percentage of NNAL proved to be as much as 98 percent lower. With this tremendous finding, there seems to be some serious legitimacy to the idea that eCigs are a healthier alternative to regular smoking.

The healthiest option is to not smoke at all of course, but if it’s a hobby you just can’t let go of, vaping is obviously the way to go. When compared to the average health concerns of regular smokers, those that are merely using e-cigarettes as a means to satisfy their smoking urges are going to end up in much better shape. That’s especially true of the risk of cancer, which is a problem with enough of a wide spread nature as is.

According to one of the UK scientists working on the study, these results should be all that we need to determine that eCigs really are safer than smoking cigarettes. There are many other risks to regular cigarettes than cancer of course. The entirety of a person’s cardiovascular and respiratory health is compromised over time, and they have a lot of pesky downsides such as staining teeth and leaving behind a bothersome smell that turns off a lot of others. The debate will probably still continue regarding how healthy vaping really is, but these results are promising all the same.