Acoustic Simulation Software: What They Are And Why They Are Important

In a world that values serenity, indoor and outdoor sound propagation is a major topic of interest. Therefore, it matters to airplane manufacturers, building constructors, automotive makers, concerts and many other industry players how sound is propagated.

For industries such as the aerospace and the automotive industry, it is of critical importance to ensure that the interior of airplanes and cars are as silent as possible notes ESI-Group Acoustic Simulation Software. On the other hand, concert hosts want to ensure that their sound system yields a memorable experience, regardless of whether the concert is held indoors or outdoors.

The only way of ensuring that your design yields the desired sound experience is to simulate the interaction of sound waves with the various elements of the products. While producing prototypes and examining sound propagation will give you first-hand results, this route is tremendously expensive and ineffective.

An alternative to the above solution is using acoustic simulation software to examine the interaction your design, be it structure design and material, or product design and material. The acoustic simulation software is usually designed to produce accurate data regarding the interaction of sound frequencies and your product/structure/area of interest. The software factors in all the various design and environmental variable to yield a precise presentation of the level of sound within a product such a car or a structure such as a concert hall. Thus, they do away with the need to produce prototype products for acoustic testing and examination, making for a cheaper, yet effective and accurate research and development endeavor.

The Importance Of Acoustic Simulation Software

  1. Help In Determining Acoustic Problems
    Traditionally, the determination of acoustic problems have been based on user feedback after the product had made. Thereafter, iterations had to be made on the product to solve the acoustic problems. This is an expensive affair, since the changes made may result in other problems that need to be solved. With an acoustic software, you can analyze the acoustic properties and determine the problems that the product will face, thus enabling possibilities to effect changes while the product is in the development phase. This is cheaper and effective.
  2. Time Saving
    It is said time is money and the least amount of time spent on determining and solving acoustic problems the better it is for builders and manufacturers. With this software, one can spend the least amount of time in determining acoustic problems and solving them, which translates to better efficiency and higher productivity.

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