Children’s mattresses and baby mattresses – the basis for a healthy development

New mattress for the young wanted? Children’s mattresses occupy a special position under the mattresses, as they naturally have to be specially tailored to the needs of a baby or toddlers. This means, first and foremost, that a children’s mattress must support the child’s body favorably, that is firm but not too hard. Since the muscles in babies and children are not yet so pronounced, the spine would sink too much on a soft baby or children’s mattress.

Although it is claimed again and again, in contrast to adult mattresses, the density is not as important as the little ones simply do not weigh so much. In addition, a mattress should support the physical development of the child and in the best case even positively influence it. Of course, one of the key points is that a baby or child mattress is tested for harmful substances. Also important is the degree of hardness: The mattress should have such a degree of hardness that the child does not sink too much. Browse through our offers in the shop, we are happy to assist you in the selection of a mattress.

The usual sizes for children’s mattresses are:

  • Children mattress 60 x 120
  • Children mattress 70 x 140
  • Children mattress 70 x 160
  • Children’s mattress 90 x 200

Occasionally, however, there are also children’s mattresses, which are available up to a length of 200 centimeters, for example, the mattress 90 x 200 cm, so that the mattress is suitable for many years of size and sufficient. Smaller mattresses under 200 cm in length are especially suitable for the baby, from the age of 2 to 4 years, the little ones but usually need a larger mattress. Cot mattresses with 140 centimeters in length (for example, the mattress 70 x 140 cm) usually last until school enrollment. Buy Mattress Portland or on our website.

Children’s mattress comes in size too many times. But as shown above, the children’s mattress of this size is better for your child. We hope that you can understand whatever is shown on this.