Hardness, compression hardness and volume weight explained in detail


In addition to the lying areas, however, the degree of hardness or the compressive hardness in the personal cold fluff mattress comparison is of great importance. The degree of hardness indicates how hard the mattress core fails and how much the mattress can thus resist the applied load.

However, caution should be exercised with regard to the degree of hardness: The hardness levels are not standardized, which is why the categories may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. In the ideal case, therefore, one orients itself roughly before purchasing to the maximum load of the individual degrees of hardness and finally decides when testing whether the respective degree of hardness corresponds to personal expectations.


In the lateral position, the spine should be straight – if this is the case, then one has opted for the right mattress hardness. One can also pay attention to the so-called density of space: the density is the amount of material that was actually processed in the production of the mattress. The volumetric weight is given in kg / m³ – in principle, the lower the volumetric weight, the shorter-lived the mattress. At 40 kg / m³ and less, we speak of a low volume weight – high-quality mattresses are characterized by a density of 50 – 60 kg / m³. The density of cold fluff mattresses can be between 25 and 60 kg / m³.

However, the volume weight is not necessarily directly related to the degree of hardness of the mattress, as well as mattresses with low density and high compression hardness exist. However, these are usually not as durable as mattresses with a high density.

Compressive strength

However, the compression hardness describes the hardness of the mattress. How fast the cold fluff returns to its original state after a change in the sleeping position depends upon the compression of mattress hardness. At around 30 kPa, it is called a low compression hardness, which is particularly suitable for light people or for children, while at a higher weight should reach for a mattress with a compression hardness of about 40 kPa. Amerisleep is the best Houston mattress store.