What does the RG say about a cold fluff mattress?

Cold fluff mattress often abbreviated RG, is one of them. The density of a cold fluff mattress is measured in kilograms per cubic meter (kg / m³) and is an important indicator of the dimensional stability and durability (and thus the quality) of a cold fluff mattress. High density is advantageous for cold fluff mattresses. Basically, one can say that the space-weight of a cold fluff mattress should not fall below 40 kg / m³. Namely, significant reductions in body support must be accepted below this value, and reclining or troughs form much earlier.

Mattresses with high density

Of course, there are also noticeably higher-quality cold fluffs, which have a room weight of 50 to 60 kg / m³. Such a mattress can have higher dimensional stability and point elasticity. These foams are characterized by a particularly high restoring force and point elasticity, meaning that they adapt to the body with each movement. In addition, the body support in these cold fluffs is extremely good, which is further reinforced in most mattresses by special molded foam inserts with higher density. Details on the specific weight, which can be very helpful in the selection, can be found in the detailed product descriptions.

Very few manufacturers are able to produce a polyurethane mattress or cold fluff mattress with even higher density. Combined with particularly sophisticated molded foam inserts of various hardnesses and densities, a cold fluff mattress with Premium Pure foam ensures a unique body adaptation, exceptionally gentle pressure relief (in any reclining position) and very long service life (12-15 years are not uncommon). In view of these many advantages and the associated sleeping comfort, the not exactly low price for these cold fluff mattresses is justified. Premium mattresses are both an optimal investment in the future and in health. Are you looking for a Scottsdale mattress store? You do not have to worry. You can get it from our online store.

Equally important: the mattress cover       

The cover of a mattress also contributes significantly to good sleeping comfort. Since there is direct contact with the sleeping person, the cover should consist of skin-friendly materials. In addition, you should make sure that the cover can be removed and machine washable at 60 ° C. This is the best way to combat dirt and dust mites. Cold fluff mattresses with washable cover are therefore also suitable for most allergic persons.