What is a latex mattress?

The latex mattress is made of rubber and is ideal for allergy sufferers and sensitive people. Compared to other mattresses, latex mattresses tend to rank higher in the price segment. Inside the latex mattress, there is a latex core and this ensures a good adaptation to the human body. The latex material is elastic and therefore the mattresses are also suitable for a functional slatted frame. The latex mattresses only ever give in to the places where there is a load. With a discharge, the mattresses immediately return to their original position. Under load, the material latex provides a growing resistance and this contributes to muscle relaxation.

For the production of a latex mattress, both the natural raw material latex (natural rubber) and synthetically produced latex are used. A combination of artificial and natural latex is also possible. Natural latex mattresses have a much higher point elasticity than mattresses, which are made of synthetically produced latex. In the production of a natural latex mattress, only natural polymers may be used and the vulcanizing agent used may amount to a maximum of 5 percent. In a natural latex mattress, the material comes from the juice of the rubber trees.

Construction of a latex mattress

The construction of a latex mattress is relatively simple but nevertheless sophisticated. It consists of a cotton jersey, a latex core, and a mattress cover. The core is the most important part of the mattress.

The density of a latex mattress much higher than other mattresses. The vulcanization process is used to produce a latex mattress. During vulcanization, the material is poured into a special mold and then heated. In this form are the heating pins and these are later responsible for the typical holes (pen latex) of latex mattresses. Check out our best collection of Tucson maatress sale.

During production, numerous small air bubbles are trapped in the material and, together with the air ducts, ensure optimum circulation of the air. The cover of a latex mattress uses different materials. Cleaner wool materials and modern materials are most commonly used. In detail, it is cellulose material and this is obtained from wood. The material is very soft and can absorb the moisture successfully.