What to do about blood and urine on the mattress?

What to do about blood and urine on the mattress?

Blood is persistent and difficult to remove from a mattress. On reliable, you get the stains from the mattress when they are still fresh. In such a case, the stain is simply removed with water in combination with some mild detergent. For dried bloodstains, cold water is best.

Among the most effective home remedies for bloodstains in the mattress include baking soda and soda lye. The stains are first driven in with cold water and then sprinkled with plenty of powder. This mixture should now be able to act for about half an hour and is then washed off with cold water. In addition, a disinfectant should be used. Before the mattress is redone, the stains must dry naturally. Buy mattress katy now.

Urine stains in the mattress are best treated with white vinegar or lemon juice. For this, the spots are drizzled with plenty of vinegar or juice. Once the stains have dried, they can easily be scraped off with a knife back or alternatively brushed out. For this purpose, cloth with the foam is wetted by a detergent solution and used to rub the soiled areas. The treated area is then wiped with cold and clear water. In addition, some disinfectant should be used. A microfibre cloth is ideal for drying. This sucks the detergent residue perfectly from the mattress.

What to do about stains and mold on the mattress?

Coffee stains without milk can usually be treated easily with lukewarm water and reliably washed out of the mattress. Alternatively, stains may be drizzled with enough lemon juice and then spread with quark. Then you should leave the whole effect between 4 and 5 hours. As after treatment offers detergent foam on. Afterward, the stains are washed out with cold water. After drying, they should no longer be visible.

Red wine stains can usually be reliably removed with mineral water. This only works if the spots are still fresh. If the red wine stains are already a bit older, they should be sprinkled with plenty of salt. Afterward, you have to prove patience and wait for the salt to do its job. Once the red wine stains have dried, they can be brushed off or scraped off.