What to look for when buying guest mattresses?

Lying height and hardness

The cheapest options for an overnight mattress are usually those with the lowest height. If a visitor lies only a few centimeters above the ground, he or she can be significantly disturbed by the effects of cold or hard ground in his / her sleep. Especially with heavy or older guests should, therefore, be on a comfortable height of at least 15 cm value and spend rather more money. Equally important is the correct hardness of the mattress. If it is already planned in advance that a somewhat heavy visit lasts a long time, the harder variant should be chosen.

Harmful substances

Even if the visit only stays one night in the house, he should be able to spend his bed rest undisturbed. Cheap materials with pollutants have nothing to look for in a guest mattress.


Modern folding mattresses today have a removable and washable cotton cover. This can be kept hygienic at any time. As a preventive measure, we recommend the use of a fitted sheet, which protects the folding mattress. With inflatable mattresses, it is possible to remove dirt from the surfaces with a cloth and suitable cleaning agents.

Load-bearing capacity

Each guest mattress is marked with a load limit, which should be considered before buying. With inflatable models, it can otherwise lead to material cracks, if they are used improperly (for example by hopping around). Buy mattress from houston mattress stores.

Guest mattresses in the test

Various test institutes have examined various models and found that the more expensive models of folding mattresses with viscose foam components offer the same sleeping comfort as a conventional bed. The test winner, the Visco luxury folding mattress, for example, has a 4 cm thick viscoelastic foam core, which reacts sensitively to body heat and pressure and adapts itself exactly to the contours as the sleeping position changes. Very uncomplicated in construction and dismantling, this folding mattress can be easily stowed away.

Meanwhile, there is also the possibility to choose his guest bed according to different degrees of hardness. The weight of about 10 kg is slightly higher than that of the competitors, but the 15 cm high foam core allows guests to sleep relaxed and the removable cover is quickly cleaned in the washing machine.